Say hello to the summer and whole new way of doing business!

This summertime Olde Wadsworth and Grandview are closed to traffic, so customers can social distance while enjoying shopping in our downtown.

Rheinlander Bakery is in the enclosure, but our parking is not!

Parking OPEN
You will still be able to access our bakery via Ralston Road and other streets.

We have expanded our patio into the street, so we will be able to accommodate more sit down this summertime.

Accessing the Bakery for Curbside and Grab n’ Go orders.

Car access to our bakery will still be available from Ralston Road and other side streets.

If you are picking up orders and/or large items like cakes you can still park next to the building.

Travelling South on Wadsworth Bypass
If you are travelling South on Wadsworth Bypass from Westminster, Broomfield, Boulder, Louisville etc.

  • Turn right at Ralston Road which is 58th.
  • Make a left turn at Olde Wadsworth Blvd.
  • Make your way around the soft barricade at Grant to access our driveway.
  • Our parking spots will be the last right turn you can make before the concrete barrier that closes Olde Wads worth.
  • Travelling North on Wadsworth Bypass
    If you are travelling North on Wadsworth Bypass, i.e Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Denver etc.

  • Make a left turn at Ralston Road, then the instructions are the same.